Monday, April 14, 2014

Trick Soldier

This collection features three stories of the Marine Corps fighting bandits and rebels in Haiti and Nicarauga: "Trick Soldier" from the January 1936 issue of the pulp magazine TOP-NOTCH; "He Walked to War" from the October 1, 1935 issue of ADVENTURE; and "Machine Gun 21,000" from the December 1935 issue of DYNAMIC ADVENTURES.

"Trick Soldier" is the story of two old enemies from boot camp being assigned together ten years later and how that grudge puts them both in danger. "He Walked to War" finds a Signal Corpsman with a reputation for laziness transfers to aviation so he won't have to walk all over Nicaragua stringing telephone wire and dodging bullets, only to have that effort backfire and put him in an even more hazardous situation. "Machine Gun 21,000" is about an absent-minded officer who loses a machine gun to rebel forces and has to recover it if he wants to salvage his career.

Hubbard's writing is crisp and effective in all three of these military yarns, which bear the stamp of authenticity and capture the era between the World Wars quite well. My favorite of the trio is "Machine Gun 21,000", which also includes a couple of nice plot twists that I didn't see coming. This is another good collection of Hubbard's pulp stories.

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